Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019
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Secure Driving: 5 Ways to Enhance Car Safety


Even the most skilled drivers can encounter dangerous situations on the road. Luckily, there are some effective ways for motorists to enhance their personal safety. Here are five ways to improve the safety of a car.

Install top-of-the-line brake pads
In an effort to save money, some car owners opt to install the cheapest brake pads that are in stock. Although cheap brake pads have an attractive price tag, their performance fails in comparison to a high-quality set of brake pads. Not only will a high-end set of brake pads enhance the strength of the braking system, but they will also last a lot longer.

Daytime running lights
Studies have found that daytime running have proved to be very effective. By making the vehicle more visible to oncoming traffic, the automobile will be less likely to be involved in a collision. While the main goal is to enhance safety, modern LED daytime running lights also elevate the vehicle’s curb appeal. Fortunately, most LED light kits are affordable and easy to install.

Wider tires
Installing wider tires may offer several safety advantages. During testing, researchers found that wider tires were able to improve the effectiveness of the brakes. The increased width also enhances the vehicle’s handling and traction. This means that the vehicle will be more responsive in a variety of different driving situations. Although the stock tires may provide a quieter ride, a wider tire still offers more benefits.

Window Tint
While window tint is not typically viewed as a safety enhancement, it can actually improve the driver’s visibility. Window tint effectively reduces the amount of glare from the sun. As many motorists already know, the brightness of the sun can become a major distraction while driving. By eliminating eye strain, the driver can remain focused on the road at all times.

Sway Bar
A sway bar is a simple device that can dramatically improve a vehicle’s cornering ability. When making a quick driving maneuver, the sway bar will help to keep body roll to a minimum. Unlike a sports-tuned suspension system, a sway bar will not have a negative impact on the vehicle’s ride quality.

Every driver should take the safety of their vehicle very seriously. A few minor improvements can actually make a big difference.