Review: Seagate IronWolf Pro HDD

This is Seagate’s premium hard drive for use in a NAS. As such, the design priorities are reliability, capacity and speed. Low power consumption is also important, as is data security. And the IronWolf Pro delivers on all counts. Capacity is no issue, with six models spanning 1 to 10TB. Spindle speeds vary per model, with the 6, 8 and 10TB running at 7200RPM and the others at 5900RPM. We tested the 10TB model in a Synology DS916 using Crystal Disk Mark and recorded average sequential read speeds of just over 250.2MB/sec and write of 230MB/sec. 

One advantage of running this in a Synology NAS is its support for Seagate’s IronWolf Health Management (supported in DSM 6.1 or higher), which allows notifications covering drive health and also offers up suggestions for environmental conditions. The IronWolf Pro is designed for 24/7 NAS operation, and is built to handle the vibration inherent in such conditions. AgileArray is another Seagate technology that helps with NAS dependability. It includes several features, including vibration sensors, power management and error recovery.

This is strictly a NAS drive, as all the NAS-enhanced technologies add to the cost, so for desktop use it’s not really cost efficient. Part of what makes the Pro series (as opposed to regular IronWolf NAS drives) especially appealing is the free inclusion of Seagate’s Rescue Data Recovery Service (which is a paid option for non-Pro dives). It claims up to 90% success for data recovery in the event of failure or environmental issues like power surges of a NAS controller failure.

It’s a relatively quiet drive, too, so if you’re using it at home in a media server in the living room it shouldn’t be too intrusive. Really though this is a storage solution intended for multiple-bay use in a SOHO or SMB environment. It packs in the full set of Seagate’s reliability and performance technologies, as well as free data recovery. It doesn’t get much better for NAS-use.

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