Review: Sbode Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Sit back and relax as you work your way through another analysis of one of the many options in the headphone market, the Sbode Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. We get the pleasure to once again be paid for playing with music, and life doesn’t get any better than that (let’s just say that’s true for the sake of the story at least).

This is currently their only (first) pair of over-ear Bluetooth headphones to hit the market, leaving them without a model name–just simply, the Sbode Bluetooth Headphones. The practice of keeping it simple I guess, and simple they are. You’ll have yourself up and running in just a few seconds from taking them out of the box. They do come pre-charged, although you’ll probably want to plug them in first just in case, to make sure the battery is topped off properly. Upon turning them on, they immediately prepare to sync and once you have paired them to a device, you are ready. No companion apps, or any other extra glitter. Just a wireless pair of headphones to get up and going with.

Design-wise, the headphones feature an all-black approach with small silver lettering on the muffs, and a thin silver band inside that you can see when you adjust the length of the sides. There aren’t any alternative colors or anything, so hopefully you like black. Again, their approach seems to be keeping it simple.

The cushions on the muffs are fantastic. Very comfortable, which should allow for little to no distraction from listening to them for long periods of use. It seems to be just plain foam on the inside, but nice and soft with a soft pleather exterior.The top of the headband is also wrapped in the same solution (foam/pleather), both top and bottom to help add to the comfort with.

They are also relatively light in weight. We have seen lighter than these, but these easily fall within the average category for weight and comfort. Durability is also a plus as we have twisted these to hell and back and they still seem to maintain their form without any pieces popping off and hitting us in the eye.

All of your connections and buttons exist on the same side (right). There is a micro-USB port for charging them as well as a 3.5mm input for a wire in case you run low on battery or have a device that doesn’t support Bluetooth. These inputs are covered by small rubber flaps, assumably to protect them from dust as these aren’t rated as water resistant anywhere). There is a mic to the right of the inputs, and to the left are all of your buttons. Among the buttons you have the two to the left (in the image above), that function as track and volume control. You press and hold for volume, and a quick press to control the track. To the right of those is the power/control button. This one turns the headphones on and off with long presses, as well as trigger pair mode (if you want to add them to another device as well). Quick presses of this button will play or pause the track you are listening to.

On to sound, we seem to also have a simple approach here as well. Inside each muff, a single 40mm driver that delivers all of your sound. You won’t find the performance of a multi-driver setup, but the price is under $40 for these. The highs and mids seem to be heavily combined together. That’s how it feels to the ears at least. There seems to be very little to no separation at all (again, single driver design). The lows are about average–present, but nothing that will blow your mind (but at least quite present). These are about the equivalent of a $20-$25 pair of wired headphones. Which means these would really shine if they were priced closer to around $29.99 (but that’s just our opinion).

They do have excellent range to them. We didn’t experience any cutouts until we reached about 50ft away from the connected device (and this included a few walls in between). This makes for a user-friendly experience as you can typically walk around your house or office without having to drag the phone (or other device) with you, if you so prefer.

Inside the box is a 3.5mm cable as well as a micro-USB to USB for charging. This means all of your connectivity is handled, and no additional parts are required. Beyond that, you just get a small instructional book to get you started.


Our Conclusion

A simple pair of wireless headphones that connect effortlessly to your mobile device with (or anything else that supports Bluetooth). The range is great, allowing you to walk around freely, and the comfort is there. The sound is average to a pair of $20-$25 wired headphones. These make for a solid affordable solution for sound, when the consumer isn’t looking for high performance (and expensive) alternatives (ie, these are not for audiophiles, club enthusiasts, DJs, musicians, etc). They make for a good bang for your buck, when you simply just need something to listen to.

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