Monday, 24 Jun 2019
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Renegade Billionaires and Their One-of-a-Kind Outlooks on Life

bob-godaddyPeople tend to have preconceived notions about how the extremely wealthy make and maintain their money. They believe that the uber-rich horde their wealth and rarely regard those less fortunate around them. Any charity that these billionaires do show is generally for photo opportunities or to further their own brands, or so many individuals wrongly assume. However, when you read something like a recently published Bob Parsons news story, you may come to realize that some billionaires are not so attached to their billions that they cannot fathom giving it away to deserving individuals and organizations. In fact, some of the world’s wealthiest people believe that they should give their fortune back to society before they die.

The reasons why these individuals want to give away their fortunes vary. It has been cited that the extremely wealthy who came from modest backgrounds find it only right that they give back to the same society that elevated them to their current status. They are grateful for the opportunities that they enjoyed in life and want to give people who are striving for the same level of success a hand-up as well.

2011.02.18-GoDaddyAnswerOthers say that they want to fund charities and organizations for which they have a passion. For example, a billionaire who has a passion for helping immigrants can give millions to an organization that provides critical services to people who are newly arrived in the country. Rather than choosing individuals to whom to give their money, these billionaires instead show their appreciation by funding charities and causes that they believe will make a real difference in society.

While they are keen to give away their fortunes, these wealthy do-gooders still find it necessary to vet the people and organizations that will receive their cash. They want to know that people and groups will appreciate the funding and use the money for a good cause. They do not want the cash to be wasted away on frivolous means.

This desire to make good use of their wealth stems from the billionaires’ own work and training histories. Experiences like serving in the military, being wounded in combat, overcoming academic challenges in college, and struggling to rise through the corporate ranks can convince people with money to give away that anything worth gaining in life should come with a certain amount of appreciation, effort, and sacrifice. People who hope to be the recipient of a billionaire’s wealth must take the risk and show that they are worthy of this monetary gift.

The extremely wealthy in America today have made their wealth by taking risks, in fact. They have gone against the grain of society and even shocked with their advertising and brand promotion, garnering criticism from the media, but the admiration of their clientele. This rebelliousness in building their companies shows the public that the uber-wealthy are not so attached to their money after all. Their detachment to their fortunes allows them to give it away to those worthy of it.

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