One Minute Review: Ring Video Doorbell 2

You can… (I’m really sorry for this)… Ring my bell.

This take on an IP-cam fused with a doorbell proved a winner. When paired with its app it detects motion and provides a look at what it can see via your phone, where it also acts as an intercom. So yes – it needs to be in healthy range of your Wi-Fi. Visitors can’t see you, but you can still speak to them. Video is good quality and in 1080p resolution. 

I was initially worried about it being a battery gobbler, but after two months of use it still has well over half its charge. Not bad at all. There’s an option to hardwire it if you prefer. Setup was easy, bar a known bug with my Google Pixel, so I needed a different phone to set it all up.

To function as a proper surveillance cam it uses Ring’s cloud for storage, which costs $3 a month for basic and $10 for premium. Without this it still works, but just doesn’t record.

Ring Video Doorbell 2


“This take on an IP-cam fused with a doorbell proved a winner.”

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