One Minute Review: Razer Lancehead gaming mouse

The Lancehead uses a new technology Razer calls AFT (Adaptive Frequency Technology) that, to grossly simplify, monitors the 2.4GHz band and only swaps frequencies when necessary, moving to the least cluttered band available. What this means on paper is that there should be no change in mouse performance if other wireless technologies or other disruptive technologies are present. What it means in practise is that we’ve had zero connection problems with the mouse.

Not being tournament gamers we can’t attest to the full veracity of Razer’s claims, but we’ve found the mouse fast and accurate throughout testing.
Wireless performance aside, the Lancehead is an excellent mouse all round. 
The only real problem facing the Lancehead is the other Lancehead on the market.

The Lancehead: Tournament Edition (an odd name given the marketing around the wireless version) is a wired 16000 DPI optical mouse that retails for $100 less.

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