NuTone Knock video doorbell review: This doorbell cam is missing some key features

The Knock is a wired smart doorbell from NuTone, a company better known for its ventilation fans and range hoods than smart home gadgetry. And in fact, the Knock is based on the D1201 video doorbell from Taiwan’s Tecom. As a doorbell, it does the job, but I found its software lacking.

Out of the box

The Knock is attractively designed and will look good on most porches. It attaches to a plastic bracket that screws into your wall. A Torx screw secures the doorbell on the bracket, which should prove a deterrent to anyone attempting to pull the doorbell off your house and steal it.

It’s easy to install, although you’ll need to install a small, supplied diode on your existing doorbell transformer. That might be a bit more fiddly than many people are used to, but it’s a quick task and a necessary one to avoid damage to the camera. Once on your wall, the doorbell can be up and running in minutes once paired with NuTone’s app.

trv 006 nutonedoorbell Martyn Williams

The NuTone Knock video doorbell is attractive and relatively small.

The Good

There’s very little configuration required beyond getting the Knock connected to your WiFi network. The app allows you to adjust the sensitivity of both the video and infrared sensors, and you can block out zones in its field of view to prevent moving objects such as trees and bushes from triggering unwanted alerts.

The length of video recorded can also be set and includes a small buffer before the motion detection is triggered. This is useful as it enables you to see whatever was happening in the few seconds before the camera triggered an alert.

171211 nutone 1 Martyn Williams/IDG

Image detection settings in the NuTone doorbell app.

When someone rings the doorbell, the app quickly opens up with a live view from the camera and buttons to either ignore the caller or chat with them. The audio level from the doorbell might not be loud enough on a busy street, but it should be enough for a residential neighborhood.

Anytime the live view is on screen, there’s a handy button to take a snapshot. But if you miss someone, video is recorded in the cloud to review later.

171213 nutone 1 Martyn Williams

You can replay video of callers coming to your door.

At first I was disappointed with the image quality. NuTone says it’s 720p high-definition, but it doesn’t seem as clean and crisp as it should be. That said, it’s plenty good enough to see who is at your front door and that’s all that really matters.

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