Idemitsu, Toray sign OLED tech cooperation agreement

TOKYO — Idemitsu Kosan and Toray Industries will together develop technologies to improve the efficiency and durability of OLED panels, the pair said Tuesday.

The oil distributor and the materials producer both make materials used in organic light-emitting diode panels, but they have different strengths. The partners will join their materials and technologies to help make OLED panels more durable, energy-efficient and cheaper to manufacture.

Idemitsu has production and materials evaluation sites in Chiba and Shizuoka prefectures, as well as in Switzerland and South Korea, the home of OLED giant Samsung Electronics. Toray, meanwhile, has just one OLED materials plant in Shiga Prefecture. They may jointly use these sites to offer more flexible customer services.

Samsung has used OLED panels in its smartphones for some time, and Apple has started using them in its handsets as well. When it comes to OLED televisions sets, South Korea’s LG Electronics had been the only player, but others have started releasing such TVs.

OLED display offers better image quality than liquid crystal display, and is easier to process into curves. Lower costs and longer product life could accelerate the shift from LCD to OLED.


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