How to spot a fake product review online in “What the Tech?”

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – If you’ve ever checked the reviews of products on Amazon you’ve seen some doozys.

Fake reviews mixed in with legitimate ones. Some are easy to spot, like some reviews for this banana slicer.

“In the picture the slicer is curved from left to right, all of my bananas are bent the other way ”

While that’s obviously humor, others are not. Companies actually hire people to write reviews to throw us off.

Thankfully there’s the website FakeSpot

This independent site uses an algorithm to weed out fake reviews.

Copy and paste the Amazon product link and hit search.

It’s especially helpful on inexpensive versions of higher-end products. Like this home security camera by Wansview. It has 105 customer reviews and averages out to 4 and a half stars.

But checking those reviews in Fakespot shows that it’s highly doubtful most of the reviews are trustworthy.

It gets an ‘F’, 73% of the reviews are low quality and shows it contains a major number of low quality reviews.

In fact, only 26% of reviews are reliable. and that Amazon has removed almost 800 reviews of the product in the past for being false.

It determines that there are many reviews automatically generated. and some left by alleged customers who’ve left multiple reviews for the same company.

In addition to Amazon it also analyzes reviews left on Yelp, trip advisor and the Apple App Store.

If you go by reviews, it’s worth checking out Fakespot.

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