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Facebook’s 2018 Year in Review: Support for Kerala, festivals & other topics in India were trending this year – Times Now


Facebook’s 2018 Year in Review

Facebook’s 2018 Year in Review | Image Credit: Pixabay&nbsp

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms which keeps the world connected and every year, Facebook announces the Year in Review list in which topics that brought the world together (most talked about) are listed. Facebook’s 2018 Year in Review is here and The top moments of this year’s Year In Review were determined by gathering a list of the top keywords by volume mentioned in a single day on Facebook between January 1 and November 11, 2018.

Facebook’s 2018 Year in Review further included identification of topics that were unique to 2018 and then the social media giant compared these keywords to the previous year’s maximum single-day volume. This means that keywords like Mother’s Day and Halloween, which typically represent the top moments every year, do not repeatedly appear at the top of the list.

In this way, Facebook’s 2018 Year in Review highlights the top ways people came together on its platform to talk about some of the year’s key events with their family and friends. This information combines the top single-day moments throughout the year with the top ways the Facebook community used the platform to come together around these moments.

Facebook’s 2018 Year in Review: Support for Kerala, festivals & other topics in India were trending this year

Festivals: India set Facebook buzzing on festivals in 2018 with Krishna Janmashtami, Eid al-Adha, Thai Pongal, Navratri driving the most conversations on the platform

Helping Kerala: The community came together on Facebook to lend support and offer help as Kerala was affected by torrential floods. Facebook features such as Safety Check tool, Live, creating Page, and raising funds enabled people to reach to their near and dear ones, seeking help and informing of their safety.

Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s demise: The former Prime Minister of India demise brought the whole country together as Indians were remembering the impact of his leadership while serving the nation with many expressing their sadness while other also expressed their tributes by sharing his poetry and inspiring stories.

Sports: Nothing unites India like sports and 2018 was a year that saw a flurry of high octane, exciting, global sporting events. Cricket continued to rule to hearts of Indian sports fans on Facebook as it was one of the most popular topics driving conversations on the platform. Millions of Indian football fans also came together to support their favourite teams and players as FIFA Football World Cup 2018 showcased the best in class footballing action and talent to fans worldwide.


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