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Electricity Created the Modern World


To say that electricity was a game changer is the understatement of the millennium. Electricity has been the backbone of thousands of inventions, and it has converted the world from a dark and dangerous place to a place that is safer and healthier to live in. In modern society, electricity is something that people basically take for granted. They forget that just a little over 100 years ago having electricity in a home or in an office complex was a rarity. At that time, the world was a drastically different place.

Electricity exists today thanks to the hard work and dedication of pioneers who saw its benefits, understood its future applications, and were willing to persevere until the full potential of electricity was realized. Today there are many companies around the world, such as Thomas & Betts for example, that pioneer bringing electricity to places that would not have it otherwise.

One can just imagine how different modern society would be without electricity. Things are taken for granted today, such as motion pictures to photographs, airplanes to automobiles, might not have been possible without electricity.

Mankind has understood or at least has been aware of the existence of electricity for some time. Static shocks existed as long as mankind has been on this planet. Mankind has been able to observe fish that swim in the water and give off electrical currents. Both scientists and the average individual were able to observe electricity work in the natural world for hundreds of years. The problem has always been that people did not thoroughly understand how to capture the power of electricity and how to transfer it into energy.

One of the pioneers of the modern electric society was Benjamin Franklin. Almost as if by accident he stumbled across how currents of electricity could travel through a conductor. After understanding this, Ben Franklin, along with many other men, went to work on perfecting the theories connected to electricity and bringing it into the modern world.

Society as a whole owes a debt of thanks to these men and women who pioneered electric devices. Additionally, men and women today who work with power distribution deserve commendation. They are the driving force or the backbone behind the electricity that comes into millions of homes across the world. Often times, the work that these individuals do is taken for granted. But without them, the world would be a darker place.

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