Cyber crime to be focus of Dubai tech contest

Dubai Electronic Security Centre has launched an initiative to tackle cyber crime in the region. DESC is calling on all researchers in accredited higher institutes in the UAE to submit potentially ground-breaking research focussing on cyber security.

The best two research projects will be granted a funding with a maximum limit of AED350,000 each. Proposals are to be submitted by January 2.

Dubai Electronic Security Centre has a budget of millions of dollars and monitors and researches potential electronic incidents that may affect governmental institutes. The centre is also integral to the city’s aim to become the smartest city in the world.

Proposed research could deal with – but not limited to – digital forensics, the security of mobile, big data, cloud, Internet of things, and autonomous vehicles. The organisers hope that successful entries could result in a cutting-edge technique, effective tool, inventive device or advanced application.

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To qualify for the competition the research has to be innovative – with no similar commercial solutions – and both applicable (not concepts and ideas) and aligned with the cyber security industry needs in the UAE. Additionally, the research topic cannot be sponsored or funded by any other entity or an organisation.

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