Monday, 24 Jun 2019
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Blazing-fast Internet – fiber internet providers

imagesThe Internet has changed the world in a way that few inventions ever have in the history of the world. It is now an essential way for people to communicate, do business and share information. In the two decades since the Internet has become mainstream, it has come a long way. As you might expect in the world of technology, things are much different than they were so many years ago. Few people could have predicted how advanced Internet communication would become during its humble beginnings. The evolution of Internet communication has been quite fascinating to watch unfold. Here is how things have changed over the years.

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1. Instant messenger programs

Instant messenger (IM) programs have been around for a long time. Companies like Microsoft and Yahoo made them extremely popular. People install the IM program and log into their account. They are then able to communicate with any person who is on their list of contacts who happens to be logged in at the same time. When IM programs were first created, the two people could only type back and forth to each other. This became popularly known as chatting. As the years went by, voice capabilities were added to IM programs, allowing people to speak to each other using a microphone. Another huge improvement was the addition of webcam technology. This allowed users to connect their webcams to their IM program, enabling users to see each other while they are chatting. This revolutionized the way that people communicate.


2. Voice over IP

Voice over IP, also known as VoIP, has taken the communication industry by storm. It is another method of communicating that is similar in many ways to IM. However, VoIP is much more secure and nearly impossible to hack. Companies like Skype have taken this technology to a new level, making it popular around the world. It should be noted that technologies like IM and VoIP work best when used on connections that have a high speed. Dial-up connections make these programs perform very slow and sluggishly.

3. Fiber-optic

This is currently the most advanced communication technology available in terms of the Internet. AT&T has embraced it by launching their U-verse group of services using fiber-optics. These include home phone, Internet and digital TV. If you are interested and you want to learn more, head over to There is seemingly no limit to what fiber-optic technology can do.

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