Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

amoCRM Review


What Is amoCRM?

The amoCRM dashboard opens to a pipeline in a move that emphasizes the main goal of the CRM: closing deals with leads. From left to right, the columns in the pipeline might include Initial Contact, Demo, Negotiations, and Invoice Sent, though customized pipeline stages can also be added, to better represent your company’s process. At each stage, the user is pushed to complete a specific task in order to move their lead further down the pipeline.

amoCRM comes in three service plans: Base, Advanced, and Enterprise. The Advanced plan offers the most features in terms of cost-efficiency, making it the most attractive plan — provided your business won’t go over its 400-Mb-per-user file storage or past the 5,000-open-leads-per-user cap.

Another benefit of the Advanced plan: It offers the “build your own widget” feature, which allows developers to build additional integrations to be used on amoCRM’s API. With a smart developer and the right widget, anything beyond the service’s core lead management focus can still be covered within the service.

This review takes a closer look at the core features offered by all three plans, before covering the CRM’s support and pricing options.

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