2017 Range Rover Supercharged review: A status symbol

I’ve driven five-passenger SUVs similarly equipped to the big Rover and that cost $40,000 less than this model’s $104,890 MSRP. And other six-figure SUVs, like the Volvo XC90 Excellence, offer private jet-style seats and built-in fridges. Given Land Rover’s reliability reputation, it’s hard to justify the price on a quality level.

On a features level, the value proposition falls pretty hard on its face. But on a style and status basis, the Range Rover Supercharged presents an impeccable value.

More importantly, I contend that the Range Rover Supercharged is the cheapest way into high-roller status. Sure, you’ll get more value in a Volvo. But you also won’t fit into a parking lot full of Bentleys, Aston Martins and Rolls Royces. And since the cheapest Rolls Royce starts about $200,000 north of this car’s sticker, you can argue that it’s a good value from some perspectives.

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