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Xbox One X will make Killer Instinct the first console Fighting game ever to hit 4K/60 FPS

A lot is going to be made about the Xbox One X going forward, especially as Microsoft continues the long journey to even up what has felt like a mostly one-sided console generation. The Xbox One X will dictate much of that, and the early returns on game performance have been encouraging to say the least. The folks at Digital Foundry sat down with Killer Instinct to do a comparison of the game playing on the X and the standard Xbox One.

The results show that Killer Instinct is going to be the first console Fighting Game ever to hit 4K/60 FPS. That’s also a native 4K, by the way. PC gamers might snicker at such a notion, but it is a big deal.

Check it out:

For comparison’s sake, Injustice 2 and King of Fighters XIV only hit 1440p on PS4 Pro. However, being an Xbox One launch title, you’d have to think Microsoft placed a fair amount of emphasis on getting one of their games to top dog status as far as visuals are concerned. Not only does that prove the X’s superior performance power, but it also adds some value to a game that’s managed to stick around since the Xbox One launched in 2013.

The Xbox One X releases on November 7th, 2017.

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