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Xbox One X preorder info is coming at Gamescom

If you want to make sure you’ll get an Xbox One X, you’ll want to pay attention to news coming out of Gamescom. Microsoft is going to reveal when preorders for its new machine will become available during a presentation at the Cologne, Germany event. Microsoft’s presentation starts at noon on August 20.

The $500 Xbox One X is an updated version of the Xbox One that is coming out on November 22. It contains improved hardware designed to play games at 4K resolutions. Newer games can take advantage of the improved specs, but older titles will also see a boost in performance.

The new model plays all Xbox One games, and it will not receive exclusive hardware that can’t be played on the older machines. So you’ll probably only want one if you have a 4K television and are willing to pay premium for higher quality gaming. It is even more powerful than the PlayStation 4 Pro, Sony’s improved version of its newest console.

The Xbox One has been lagging behind the PlayStation 4 in sales. For most of this console generation, the PlayStation 4 has been the more powerful system. Now that the Xbox One X is taking the power throne, the brand could see a boost in sales.

The Xbox One X is Microsoft’s big holiday gaming product, even as it launches with few actual games. After delaying Crackdown 3, Microsoft will only have the racer Forza Motorsport 7 as a big console exclusive.

This is actually the third Xbox One model. The Xbox One S came out last year. It had slightly better hardware that could upscale to 4K, while the One X will support true 4K.

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