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World of Warcraft is free to play from now until June 24

Subscription free

If you’ve lapsed in World of Warcraft for whatever reason, even if you aren’t up to date in the latest expansion, you can jump back in for free starting right now through June 24 — beyond the typical “starter edition” conditions of level 20.

Blizzard has flipped the switch to allow anyone to log in even if you don’t have an active subscription, which includes access to whatever expansion you own. Wouldn’t be amazing if there was a surge of logins from Vanilla-only players, who can only roam around capital cities and ask what’s changed in a decade? I’d pay to see that en masse.

World of Warcraft’s next expansion — Battle for Azeroth — will be out in August. Its last previous major shakeup was the Legion expansion in August of 2016.

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