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What the internet is saying about iPhone X

Apple’s iPhone X has been a thousand-dollar gamble that has paid off for the company, but while we seem to know lots about what analysts and media pros think, we don’t appear to have too much feedback on what everybody else is thinking when it comes to the next-gen smartphone. I thought I’d find out.

The global conversation

Twitter is the global conversation center for just about every topic you can imagine. Sure, some people take it too far, but so long as you have a Block button you can filter the bots and fools right out. So, what has Twitter been saying about iPhone X?

I asked digital marketing service, SEMRush for a little information.

They took a look at what people have been saying about the iPhone X on Twitter, and found that while a small (but vocal) minority aren’t so impressed, and a fair bunch of people don’t really care either way, almost half of all the Tweets on iPhone X are positive:

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