Tuesday, 14 August 2018
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Tropical Freeze Gets a Swingin’ New Launch Trailer

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is finally out on Nintendo Switch today, and with its debut, as you know, comes an official launch trailer. That’s out now, which you can watch below. You can take it in on your way out the door to pick up the port of the former Wii U title, which will see you jumping, swinging, and beating your chest DK-style in a frozen tundra. Are the bananas going to be frozen too?

The story starts up when Donkey Kong and the rest of the Kongs are having a birthday celebration, which is eventually interrupted by the freaky Snowmads, or snow-based creatures that basically want to cover everything with snow and ice. How nice of them, right? As usual, it’s up to the Kongs to save the day, which involves you too — you’ve got to make sure the land doesn’t remain a frozen tundra by seeking out the Snowmads and beating them at their own game.

There are special additions to the Switch version of the game, such as Funky Mode, but there are plenty of reasons for you to pick up the game beyond that. For one, if you never played the original, it’s worth giving another go-around. Check out the trailer below!

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