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There Will Be An LG V30 Plus, But It Won’t Be Bigger Than The LG V30: What’s The Difference?

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Like what the company did when it released the LG G6 Plus after the LG G6, there will also be an LG V30 Plus alongside the LG V30. What are the differences and similarities of the two smartphones? 
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LG will finally unveil the LG V30 on Aug. 31 during IFA 2017, but it will not be the only LG smartphone that will be announced at the event.

There will be an LG V30 Plus, and it will also be shown off at the end of August. What’s the difference between the LG V30 and the LG V30 Plus?

LG V30 vs LG V30 Plus

When Apple and Samsung add “Plus” to the name of the smartphone, they mean that the version of the device is larger. However, LG is doing things differently with the LG V30 Plus.

According to an ET News report, the difference between the LG V30 and the LG V30 Plus is not their physical size but their internal storage. The LG V30 will offer internal storage of 64 GB, while the LG V30 Plus will offer 128 GB.

In addition to the bigger capacity, the report claims that the LG V30 Plus will be different from the LG V30 in certain functions, such as the audio system and wireless charging. The exact difference was not specified, but one theory is that the LG V30 will feature wireless charging, while the LG V30 Plus will feature Hi-Fi audio playback.

The price of the LG V30 Plus expected to be higher too. While the LG V30 is pegged to have a price of $700, the LG V30 Plus will cost about $875.

Everything else about the design and features of the two smartphones is the same. Both devices will have very minimal bezels, powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with 6 GB of RAM, along with a 3,200 mAh battery. Unfortunately, users who might be planning to go with the LG V30 Plus instead of the LG V30 will be disappointed, as the LG V30 Plus is only planned to be released in South Korea.

LG did the same with the LG G6, with the LG G6 Plus offering more storage and some improvements such as better audio quality, additional colors, and B&O headphones included in the box. However, this is the first time that LG will launch the base version of a smartphone and its Plus variant at the same time.

LG V30 To Launch Next Month

The LG V30 Plus is expected to launch in the company’s home country of South Korea on Sept. 15, the same day previously reported for the LG V30. It will be going head to head with rival Samsung that day, which is also when the Galaxy Note 8 will hit the market in the country.

The LG V30 was previously leaked in promo videos that were uploaded in HitRecord, the collaborative website that was created by prominent LG partner Joseph Gordon-Levitt. However, the report on the existence of the LG V30 Plus comes as a surprise, like the recent report that the LG V30 will have the largest aperture ever featured in a camera for a smartphone.

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