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There Are Some Amazing Leaked Halloween Skins In Fortnite’s v6.02 Patch


Skull Trooper is back in Fortnite: Battle Royale, and the community is going predictably nuts over it. The rare skin from a year ago had been one a sign of your continuing commitment to a game that only started to really blow up in 2019. Not so anymore, but people wh owned it way back when do still get a special piece of flair to show off their status as original Fortnite players. Read more about that here.

There are some other excellent cosmetics showing up in patch v6.02, however, as you might expect. Halloween season is upon us, and while we haven’t seen any special event yet, it’s hard to peg these skins as anything but Halloween-themed. So take a look, because there are some excellent leaked cosmetics here:

FortniteCredit: Epic Games

Hollowhead/Jack Gourdon: So these guys, right here. These guys are amazing. Hollowhead plays things a little straighter as a sort of supervillain pumpkin that would be right at home at DC or Marvel, and that green mist coming out of his eyes has almost a Ragnarok quality to it. It’s Jack Gourdon that really takes the cake here. Just look at those ice cold, half-lidded eyes! And the suit: the whole thing just works here, almost a kind of pumpkin noir.

There is something curious about these, however, and that’s that there’s no female skin in here. New skins are almost always released in male/female pairs, and so we wonder if there might be a reason why this isn’t the case this time. Maybe Jack Gourdon upgrades to Hollowhead in a sort of supervillain secret identity setup? That wouldn’t really fit with the way skins are usually presented in leaked files, but it’s not impossible.

Credit goes to the Fortnite datamining community and Fortnite Intel. 

FortniteCredit: Epic Games

Scourge/Plague: When I first saw these names I assumed they were zombie skins, but Epic went in a very different direction for these. They’re doctors with plague masks, which people used to use for storing fragrant herbs in an attempt to ward off the black plague. They’ve also got a definite Victorian quality to them, and fans of other games will immediately recognize the influence of From Software’s Bloodborne, which even include some characters that look almost identical to this.

FortniteCredit: Epic Games

Bullseye: A simple rare tier skin, which is why this isn’t quite so fancy as anything above. Nothing wrong with it, though. We just learned that Bullseye will figure into Season 3 of Netflix’s Daredevil, so an odd sort of coincidence there.

Skull Sickle, Herald’s Wand, CarverCredit: Epic Games

Skull Sickle, Herald’s Wand, Carver: And here we have our pickaxes. Skull Sickle goes with Skull Trooper, giving the longtime favorite something to swing that’s a little more extra than the standard sickle. Herald’s Wand is the real standout here: a Cadeceus to go alongside the medical theme, with a creepy green hourglass at the top to remind us that we’re all slowly making our way to the grave. Carver goes with those pumpkin heads, and it’s pretty straightforward. Nothing wrong with that, but not one of the more elaborate pickaxes on offer.

FortniteCredit: Epic Games

Lamplight/Cryptic Cruiser: Here are our Gliders, though the pumpkin glider is nowhere to be found for the time being. I like the plague glider, which is surprising because I’m not usually a fan of those that don’t come with some special animation or model. It’s an essential reskin of the base glider, but that works for these skins, I think. The lanterns are a nice touch. The Cryptic Cruiser is quite a sight, and it certainly feels in line with the place Skull Trooper has taken in Fortnite lore.

FortniteCredit: Epic Games

Ghost Portal/Arcanum/Mouldering Cape/Dismal Cape: Names start in the upper right and move clockwise. Ghost Portal we’ve known about forever, but I don’t think anyone guessed it would be the Skull Trooper back bling. Arcanum and Dismal Cape clearly go with the Plague skins, and I like them: Dismal Cape is very straightforward, but there’s something to be said for that. Arcanum is a little more baroque, and it gives the impression of all sorts of chemical weapons stored back there. A stink bomb would have been a nice touch. Mouldering Cape, likewise, is fairly straightforward, but the elaborate Hollowhead skin doesn’t need much more to set it off. Jack Gourdon doesn’t look like he has one, which does make sense.

Electro Swing/Headbang/ Look At This/Sprinkler: And finally, our emotes, courtesy of Fortrise. As usual you can’t really get a sense of these until they’re in the game, but we’ve got an even mix of popular dances and gestures. Sprinkler is bound to be popular, I’d predict.


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