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The new Apple Watch finally freed me from my phone

I bought one of the nicer Apple Watch Series 2 models last year with a metal band and the steel casing, because I liked that it looked more premium than the aluminum sport models. I had absolutely no intention of upgrading to the new model, but I just did.

The Apple Watch Series 2 was the first smartwatch that I continued to wear and that didn’t just end up shoved in a drawer somewhere. And I’ve owned or reviewed many, many smartwatches.

The experience I had walking my dog with the Series 3 and its cellular connectivity, knowing that I didn’t need my phone with me but could at least reach someone or be reached in an emergency, was really freeing for me. I know I can always just leave my phone behind but then… what if?

If you don’t care about that or you’re able to disconnect better than I can, then you don’t need the cellular option. Just buy the standard Series 3 model. And if you have a Series 2 and don’t care about cellular, there’s no need to upgrade. I really didn’t see any discernible difference in day-to-day use.

If you have a Series 1, sure, maybe now is a good time to get that performance bump.

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