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The iPhone 8 goes through scratch, burn and bend test, here’s how it fared

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Youtuber JerryRigEverything is known for destroying products in order to test their long-term durability for the sake of users.

And this time the lab rat was the iPhone 8.

Apple’s latest flagship offering, which has met with a lukewarm response and numerous internet memes mocking the reason for its launch compared to the anniversary edition iPhone X, has now proved its worth, thanks to an extreme torture test.

The phone that comes with a new glass and aluminium design is indeed not built for the level of damage it undergoes in the video which involves a scratch and bend test followed by a fire test.

Apple had claimed at the launch event that the glass surface on the iPhone 8 is the toughest ever seen so far on any smartphone.

Initially, a scratch test was performed on the phone and the screen fared quite well – resisting up to Level 6 scratches – just as the iPhone 7 that was launched last year.

The scratch test was also carried out on the home button, speaker grilles, front and rear cameras and the back glass surface. All of them sustained with almost negligible damage.

Most surprisingly, the rear camera after being scratched with a razor blade experienced no damage at all as scratches were barely visible only after Level 6.

The Apple logo and ‘iPhone’ text at the back of the phone are layered under a protective glass that keeps it safe from wear and tear.

The Youtuber says that Apple may be using its own property brand of Sapphire, as original Sapphire glass does not see the damage until Level 8.

Ther iPhone 8’s brutal damage test (Courtesy:  JerryRigEverything on Youtube)

Other parts of the iPhone 8 that resisted scratches were the camera lens, volume rocker, and the power button.

Paint on the sides of the phone is capable of resisting coins and key scratching, however, scratching with the blade caused some paint to come off from the metal frames.

The iPhone 8 passed the burn test easily too. The front display was subjected to heat. After getting blackened for 10 seconds, the surface returned to good-as-new after that.

The phone passed the bend test as the Youtuber tried really hard to bend the phone but, in the end, he couldn’t bend it.

Camera specialist DxO Mark has also rated the iPhone 8 Plus’s camera as the best one currently in the market- only to be followed by the immediate predecessor iPhone 8.

However, according to a blog post by Wandera, other issues coming up on the next iPhone could be software-related, with a new update for the iOS 11 being responsible for a 60 percent higher battery drain compared to its previous updates.

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