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Stormdivers is a New Multiplayer-Centric Game From Resogun Developer Housemarque

Swedish-based developer Housemarque – who made a name for itself as the arcade-game kings with titles like Resogun, Alienation, and Nex Machina – have announced their latest project, Stormdivers, a “high flying and heavy hitting multiplayer-centric experience.”

Revealed at Reboot Develop 2018 in Croatia, the announcement is accompanied by a debut, teaser trailer, which you can watch for yourself above.

According to Housemarque, it has been working on the title – in secret – for two years. As you may remember, the developer announced earlier this year that it was done making the games that have defined it over the years and helped propel it to prominence: arcade shooters. And thus, Stormdivers represents the first product in the studio’s post-new direction history.

However, it sounds like Stormdivers won’t be a complete departure from Housemarque’s history. The Swedish developer says it is looking to bring the core elements of an arcade game to into Stormdrivers, and how to take said elements to “new heights.”

“It’s fast, very gameplay centric,” Housemarque’s Mikael Haveri told Eurogamer. “We hope when people pick it up they start feeling good. We want there to be adrenaline, we want them to be moving, we want them to be really getting into it – a fast experience where you have to go outside and take a breather from it. Couple that with visual flair; you play Resogun, you see all this stuff exploding and going off – that’s what we’re bringing to the multiplayer. This is a Housemarque take.”

Further details on Stormdivers are currently quite scarce, however, we do know it will be treated as an on-going service, like most mulitplayer games these days. Additionally, we know it is being made with Unreal Engine, but will also use the studio’s in-house “Housemarque VFX Engine,” which will provide its own “added layer of special effects candy.”

At the moment, Stormdivers is currently without a publisher. It is also without a release date, but Housemarque hints it could arrive later this year. As for platforms, PC and “consoles” have been confirmed.

Additionally, Housemarque also revealed it has another game currently in development, which it describes as a bigger, AAA title. However, this title is further off, and thus we likely won’t be hearing about it for awhile.

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