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SNES Classic Launches 5 Weeks Earlier Than NES Classic

The NES Classic Edition was released on November 11 last year. The new SNES Classic will be released already on September 29, about five weeks earlier. The NES Classic was released within the Holiday shopping season when already most Americans have Holiday gift shopping on their mind. The SNES Classic’s release is weeks before consumers turn their attention to Holiday shopping, which changes the demand dynamics.

The NES Classic was announced in April of last year, but the demand only started to build exponentially in late fall. Nintendo made the SNES Classic announcement end of June. Fueled by rumors, the hype around the SNES Classic even began before the announcement. The week after the announcement the internet was buzzing with people waiting for the SNES Classic to go on pre-order.

While last year only a limited number of consumers was aware of pre-order windows for the NES Classic ahead of the November 11 release, this year many more consumer are aware of the early opportunity to get their hands on a Super NES Classic. Nintendo has announced that retailers will offer the SNES Classic for pre-order in late August.

On paper the SNES Classic is going to be much easier to purchase than the NES Classic. There is just way more time to find one before the Holidays. Nintendo also promised a much higher number of units. The fact that Nintendo officially announced that the SNES Classic will be available for pre-order likely means extensive pre-order inventory.

The NES Classic pre-order inventory was very limited and not officially announced. The SNES Classic will be increasingly harder to find closer to the Holidays. Consumers who start to hunt down a SNES Classic this month and end of September will have it easy. Prepare for the SNES Classic Pre-order release if you have not done so yet. Placing a SNES Classic pre-order is only going to be easy, when you know about it early enough using The Tracker app and other services and tools we recommend.

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