Thursday, 16 August 2018
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Sega just earned all my love now it’s bringing Yakuza to PC



Want to piss me off? Tell me Yakuza is just Grand Theft Auto set in Tokyo.

It’s so much more — engrossing crime stories, characters that grow up over the course of six games, culture shock, goofy tropes, an incredibly detailed and faithful recreation of parts of real-life Japan — but I haven’t always been able to prove that to friends, because the game’s always been a relatively niche PlayStation exclusive. 

But Sega has just announced that that Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami (the remake of the original game) are coming to Windows PCs as well. I might need to go buy somebody a copy.

Yakuza 0’s already available for preorder on Steam, by the way. It’s coming August 1. 

These PC releases might be the best way to play Yakuza, in fact, since they’ll support 4K resolution and uncapped framerates, meaning you’ll see the most detail yet.

Oh, and Sega also announced that Valkyria Chronicles 4, the successor to another very, very Japanese game that I loved, is coming to PC later this year.

So what is Yakuza, if not Grand Theft Auto? If you must have games to compare it to, it’s like of like if you took Streets of Rage, made it 3D, and gave it a world and story. Or, you know, Shenmue. I hear that a lot too.

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