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Saving Cash if You Have to Have the iPhone 8

By Don Morgan

The new iPhone8 and iPhone 8Plus are being sent to stores tomorrow and while it’s a must have for many, you can save a lot of money if you shop for different pricing options.

Jill Gonzalez at WalletHub tells us that none of the major carriers are offering 2 year contracts any longer so going other outlets with no contract plans would be less expensive.

In fact, their recent iPhone Savings report finds that by going through Wal-Mart Family Mobile, you can save over 900 dollars on an individual plan. Double that for a family plan.

While there’s a lot of hype for the latest offering form Apple, Gonzalez says a lot of people are holding off from getting the upgrade and sticking with the phone they have now. Nearly 75 percent of the people they surveyed have no plan to buy the new iPhone.

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