Tuesday, 14 August 2018
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PUBG Updates Xbox One Test Servers, Limits Games to One Map


For those who have been participating in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds tests on the Xbox One, you’ll notice a few changes the next time you log into the test servers now that a new update has been released.

Following feedback from players and the desire to test different areas on the test servers, the PUBG Xbox team announced earlier today that the map options would be limited to just one map while the possible game modes were also being adjusted. Thanking players for their feedback and testing so far, the Xbox team announced the following changes:

Xbox Test Server Update

The full notes for the reopening of the test servers were posted just a few days ago, the notes that this newest update now overrides. When the test servers first opened, Miramar and the first map, Erangel, were both playable options, but it was also said at the time that the map options may be restricted after the team had a chance to test the matchmaking settings that would randomly drop players into one of the two maps. A map selection feature wasn’t and still isn’t available, but the initial post said that the feature would be coming to the Xbox One eventually.

Limitations on the game modes were also in place before concerning the perspectives that players would use, but that’s also been changed now. The Solo and Duo modes were initially limited to Third-Person Perspective (TPP), but now that the map options have been restricted to just Miramar, the option to play from a First-Person Perspective (FPP) is available on this map in all three of the different group modes.

If you missed out on the first day of testing, there are still two more days to test everything that’s new on the Xbox One test servers. You’ll have to take part in the tests during certain times though, the full schedule that outlines those times found below.

Test Schedule

  • Day One
    • May 5, 5am PDT – May 5, 11pm PDT
    • May 5, 2pm CEST – May 6, 8am CEST
  • Day Two
    • May 6, 8am PDT – May 6, 11pm PDT
    • May 6, 5pm CEST – May 7, 8am CEST
  • Day Three
    • May 7, 8am PDT – May 7, 11pm PDT
    • May 7, 5pm CEST – May 8, 8am CEST
  • AVAILABLE QUEUES: [updated 05/06/2018]
    • Miramar only
    • Solo, Duo, Squad – FPP/TPP

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