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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Will Revolve Around the Pokemon Necrozma

Looking forward to getting started in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon? The Pokemon Company has just graced us with a ton of new info surrounding the new games’ plot, characters, and new Z-Power Ring.

You can see some of this in the new trailer below, but according to the new lore the games will center around the Pokemon Necrozma, as well as Legendaries Solgaleo and Lunala. Additionally, there will be some important information that comes to light regarding the Alola region as a whole. While you’re exploring the area, you’ll come across a brand new Z-Power Ring in-game that will enable you to use several new Z-Moves from your faithful Pokemon. Yes, it’ll probably be sold as a toy, too, and yes, we’ll probably all want to buy one.

In addition, the Ultra Sun and Moon main characters will be getting a set of brand new looks that players can change up at the beginning of the game, with Litten, Rowlet and Popplio returning as starter Pokemon to choose from.

If you’re concerned that you played the first games and don’t have much to look forward to with these iterations, worry not. There’s a whole cavalcade of new content to wade through for even the most seasoned of Pokemon players, so even if you’ve exhausted the content from the prior game, get ready to jump right back in again. It’s a whole new ballgame.

Both games will come out for Nintendo 3DS on November 17, so that gives you plenty of time to play through the original Pokemon Sun and Moon duo.

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