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Pokemon Gold and Silver 3DS re-releases are getting physical “shiny packaged versions” with download codes

While the main attraction for most Pokemon fans this year is undoubtedly the release of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Nintendo is also going back to the well to re-release the Game Boy Color’s Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver on the 3DS eShop. Following the incredible success of the Red, Blue, and Yellow re-releases, Nintendo is taking it a step further this time and will be releasing physical boxed versions of the game containing a download code.

Nintendo announced the news on Twitter:

The covers are almost exactly the same as the original games, which bring forth that all-important sense of nostalgia. Just for comparison’s sake, here’s what the original covers looked like.

Pokemon Gold and Silver 3DS re-releases are getting physical "shiny packaged versions" with download codes

While Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow are still considered to be the creme de la creme of the Pokemon experience, Gold and Silver were masterful follow-ups in their own right. They were the first games to introduce a new generation of Pokemon (which was a big deal back then) taking place in an all new region.

To this day, they still have the best post-game content of any generation (and it’s not close) as the games took you back to the original region of Kanto to get all of the gym badges, totally 16 gym battles in all. The journey through Kanto then set you up for the ultimate battle against your character from the first game, who boasted a lineup stronger than any trainer you had ever faced in either game. 

Could Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon be a return to that formula? It’s certainly nice to dream about at least.


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