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Pokemon Go to Add Gen 3 During Halloween Event

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An image datamined from Pokemon Go‘s code has seemingly confirmed that a new wave of Pokemon will be added to this game for Halloween.

Earlier today, Pokemon Go announced a new update, which seemingly would contain only minor bug fixes. However, an early datamine of the update revealed a new loading screen that seemingly spoils Pokemon Go‘s plans for the Halloween season.

The loading screen shows several Gen 3 Ghost and Dark-Type Pokemon standing on top of a hill along with Gengar and Murkrow. The Ghost-Type Pokemon seen in the image include Dusclops, Banette, and Sableye, all of which are Pokemon not currently in the game. You can check out the full image below:

While Pokemon Go hasn’t announced their Halloween plans yet, the new loading screen strongly suggests that at least a few Dark and Ghost-Type Pokemon will be added in just a couple of weeks. Gen 3 adds a ton of Dark-Type Pokemon and a few new Ghost-Types, so it’s possible that Pokemon Go will just release those Pokemon and then release the rest in a few months. You’ll recall that game developers similarly released Baby Pokemon several months before Gen 2 was fully rolled out.

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Halloween Surprise

gen 3 halloween

We still don’t know the full extent of what changes are coming to Pokemon Go, but it seems that developers are pulling out all the stops for Halloween. Not only does the new update’s code indicate that they’re ready to roll out Gen 3 Pokemon as soon as the update goes live, it also indicates that a new soundtrack is coming to take advantage of the Halloween season. 

The only thing Pokemon Go needs to “complete” preparation for Gen 3 are new moves, which are added via a server side update to the GAME_MASTER, a task that technically can be completed at any time. 

We’ll definitely have more news about the upcoming additions to Pokemon Go in the weeks ahead. Until then, it’s time to get hyped Pokemon Go trainers! 


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