Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019
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Pokemon Go: Gen 4 Starters From Sinnoh Region And More Confirmed


Your Pokedex is about get a whole lot bigger as The Pokemon Company and Niantic have announced that monsters from the Sinnoh region (including Gen 4’s starters) are coming to Pokemon Go. A new trailer, which has a nice Planet Earth vibe, shows brief glimpses at a Turtwig hanging out in a grassy area, a Chimchar rousing from sleep in a cave, and a Piplup swimming beneath a layer of ice.

“A vast new world is waking up around us,” the voice over says. “With more to explore than we could have ever imagined.” The trailer ends with a pair of red eyes emerging and, although the Pokemon they belong to remains cloaked in darkness, it looks very much like Giratina, a Legendary from the Sinnoh region.

Pokemon Go has received fresh injections of content on a fairly regular basis, and there’s usually always some sort of event or Raid for players to enjoy. As we approach Halloween–the holiday of spooky ghosts–Niantic and the Pokemon Company has kicked off the Psychic Spectacular event, encouraging everyone to stock up on Pokemon that absolutely tear through ghosts, which seems a bit unfair if you ask me.

The Psychic Spectacular event runs until 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET on October 14 and you’ll be able to catch Pokemon such as Abra, Ralts, Baltoy, and Slowpoke more frequently. Additional Field Research tasks are also available, and if you complete these you’ll get a little closer to running into Suicune.

October’s Community Day, meanwhile, is set for October 21. On this day the Steel/Psychic Pokemon Beldum will become available. As of yet Niantic hasn’t confirmed what special attack it will be able to learn during the event, but dataminers previously discovered the move Meteor Mash–Metagross’s signature attack–within the game’s code.


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