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Overwatch’s New Map, Junkertown, Unveiled With A Funny Video

As part of its Gamescom preview stream today, Blizzard revealed a number of new details about its games. That included the unveiling of Overwatch’s next map, Junkertown.

This Escort map is set in the outback of Australia. It was highlighted in a new trailer (above) which was less a showcase of the map and more of a comedy starring Junkrat and Roadhog. It had a much different feeling from a typical Overwatch video and more closely resembled something you’d expect to see from Team Fortress 2.

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Blizzard hasn’t yet said when exactly the map will be released, but it’s presumably coming in the near future. Gamescom attendees will be able to try it out this week, suggesting a public release is not far off. An overview video touring the map can be seen along with an image gallery above.

Also new this week is the latest Overwatch animated short. This will debut during a Gamescom stream this Wednesday, August 23. We’ll bring that video to you once it’s available.

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