Tuesday, 18 Jun 2019
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‘Overwatch’ Halloween Terror McCree Skin Revealed


Blizzard revealed one more of Overwatch’s Halloween Terror skins prior to the event’s start with McCree getting an undead cosmetic.

Sharing a tweet from the Overwatch Twitter account that showed of McCree’s new skin, Overwatch revealed that Undead McCree would be an Epic skin included in the Halloween Terror event. The skin outfits the revolver-shooting hero with a skeletal bandanna around his mouth, some armor clad with neon green tubes, and green eyes to match the rest of his outfit.

Scratches all over his body and holes in his clothing combined with the green accents on his gun and armor give the hero a new zombie-like look. The skin also added some skulls to different parts of his outfit and noticeably changed what his belt buckle said. The belt buckle usually has “BAMF” imprinted on the metal buckle, but it now has “DAMF” instead, the “D” presumably there to stand for “dead.”

McCree’s skin is the second Epic cosmetic that Blizzard’s revealed for this year’s Halloween Terror event, the first being a spider skin for Widowmaker that was revealed days ago. The sniper’s skin and this new one for McCree are joined by other Legendary skins for different Overwatch heroes that were also revealed in the days leading up to the Halloween Terror event. Moira, Pharah, Wrecking Ball, and Doomfist all got their own Legendary skins for the event that turn them into a mix of supernatural and spooky characters.

All of the skin reveals have been leading up to the start of Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event that’ll run from October 9th throughout the end of the month on October 31st. Blizzard hasn’t yet officially announced that the event has begun at the time this is being published, nor has it given any indication of what time the event will go live on October 9th. There’s still a chance that more of Overwatch’s Halloween-themed skins will be revealed when the full details of the event are released, but other cosmetics and unlockables like sprays, highlight intros, and more are also expected to be included in the event.

Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event is scheduled to start on October 9th.


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