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Original Fallout is free on Steam for today only

Fallout is one of the most iconic RPG franchises of all time but some may only say that because of Bethesda’s contributions to the series. Before Fallout 3, the series was almost completely different from a gameplay perspective. While Bethesda made the series into a first-person/third-person survival game with 3, it was actually a top-down RPG prior to that.

You’ll still find a lot of the series’ staples like the blue and yellow vault suits, conversations with different dialogue choices, and so on but it’s a fairly different experience. If you’re interested in playing, the game is available on Steam for free to celebrate its 20th anniversary! The offer expires tonight at 11:59 PM Pacific time so act fast!

If you’re craving more Fallout after that, Bethesda also just released a Game of the Year edition for Fallout 4 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC!

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