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Nokia 8 Copper Gold model leaked

The old Nokia, even during its Lumia phase, was perhaps notorious for all the sorts of color options and combinations it made available. Some of them were nice to look at, if they didn’t burn your retinas. Others were pretty garish. We’re still not sure where this new Nokia 8 variant falls in that spectrum, but it can be best described as “unique”. With less than a month left before its expected unveiling, the Nokia 8 leaks out again, this time in a somewhat never before seen copper-gold sheen.

We’ve already seen the Nokia 8 clothed in gold, thought it was noted how that gold was a bit gaudy compared to other gold colors in the market. It, in fact, looked more like orange gold. That, however, has nothing on this new leak.

It’s called copper gold, supposedly, and it’s not a shade we’re familiar with. Perhaps there’s a reason why no one has thought of it before. If Nokia and HMD were aiming for a shock factor to sell this Nokia 8, they might very well be successful. If they’re planning on aesthetic appeal, we’ll have to wait and see it in the real world first.

The leak confirms again the presence of dual cameras on its back, believed to sport Carl Zeiss lenses nothing less. As for the rest of the not yet revealed but totally expected specs, this Nokia 8 will be carrying a Snapdragon 835 processor with 4 or 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. The dual cameras will both have 13 megapixel sensors. No word yet on the selfie cam.

Nokia is expected to unveil the Nokia 8 at a press event on 16th August and will present a few color options, including Blue, Silver, Gold, “Gold Blue”, and, now, Copper Gold. Chinese media puts the price at around 4,500 RMB, roughly $660.

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