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Nokia 5’s Dolby Equalizer Bug To Be Fixed Soon, HMD Says

HMD Global Oy is aware of the Dolby Equalizer bug affecting some versions of the Nokia 5 and has pledged to distribute a software fix for the issue as quickly as possible, as confirmed by one owner of the device that’s been experiencing the problem. The user recently took to the XDA Developers Forums to share their correspondence with the Nokia Mobile Care Team Support, with one of the company’s representatives acknowledging the bug and stating that the firm’s developers are already in the process of resolving it. No estimated time of arrival for the fix has been attached to that promise, though the wording of the original statement implies that the patch may be distributed in the coming weeks. It’s currently unclear whether all variants of the Nokia 5 are affected by the issue, though that may be the case given the sheer volume of complaints on the matter posted online over the course of this month.

The bug itself prevents users from launching the phone’s Dolby Equalizer settings page directly from some music apps. The cause of the issue remains unclear, though most popular music services like Spotify and Google Play Music are affected. If you try to access Dolby Equalizer settings from those apps, you’ll be met with an entirely blank screen instead of the one seen below. The bug isn’t present on the Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 despite the fact that the two smartphones are running nearly identical software. In the meantime, the Dolby Equalizer settings page can still be accessed from the main Settings app of the Nokia 5. Likewise, the aforementioned company official said that users are always able to use a third-party equalizer until the phone maker manages to fix the issue.

The glitch is the first widely reported software problem found on the Nokia 5, with the device itself otherwise providing users with a relatively consistent experience thanks to the fact that it’s running a near-stock version of Android Nougat. HMD Global Oy is still in the process of releasing the Nokia 5 in all of its target markets and the firm is also working on the launch of its first true Android flagship — the Nokia 8 — that’s set to be unveiled next month.

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