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Nintendo Switch Update Out Now, Here’s What It Does

A new firmware update for Nintendo Switch is now live. Along with the usual stability and performance improvements, update 3.0.1 primarily addresses an issue some users have experienced with the console’s battery charge indicator.

Specifically, some Switch users have reported that their console no longer displays its remaining battery life accurately following the system’s previous firmware update, 3.0.0. According to those who’ve experienced the issue, the system’s battery life indicator would either not update while the console was charging or would display the incorrect percentage when the system was fully charged.

While today’s update is aimed at resolving the issue, Nintendo notes on its support website that it may not fix the problem immediately for all users. In the event that the battery charge indicator still displays incorrectly following the update, Nintendo has outlined a way to manually resolve the issue–though it’s a rather time-consuming and convoluted process that involves charging the console fully, letting it sit for an hour, then draining the battery until it’s about to die and repeating the entire process up to six times.

The brief notes for today’s update are below. You can find the step-by-step instructions for how to improve the system’s battery life indicator on Nintendo’s website.

Nintendo Switch 3.0.1 Update Notes:

  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience, including:
    • Addressed an issue in which the remaining battery charge can’t be displayed accurately

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