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Nintendo is being sued over the design of the Switch’s detachable controllers

Hardware developer Gamevice filed a lawsuit against Nintendo earlier this week, claiming that the design of the Nintendo Switch is too similar to its own products, and that it infringes on a patent that it holds.

In 2015, Gamevice was granted a patent titled “Combination computing device and game controller with flexible bridge section,” which consists of a computing device linked with a pair of connected controllers on each side of it. In its complaint, Gamevice lays out the various ways that it claims Nintendo is infringing on its property and is asking the court to halt production and sales of the device, and to award it damages.

It’s not clear if the court will allow the lawsuit to proceed. As Mashable points out, there’s a major difference between Gamevice’s patent and the Nintendo Switch, namely that the two Switch controllers aren’t connected by a “flexible bridge.”

Gamevice was originally known as a tablet maker named Wikipad, and introduced a gaming tablet in 2012 that featured a detachable video game controller. The device was originally set to go on sale in October 2012, only to be delayed at the last minute and resurrected in June 2013. The company has since renamed itself to its present monicker, and has produced its own gamepads for Apple devices, most recently in January 2017.

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