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New Humble Bundle Features Cheap PS4, PS3, And Vita Games

Humble Bundles typically offer computer or mobile games, though we’ve also seen a small number that provided a way to get console games for cheap. Another of those promotions is now underway with the launch of the Humble 2K PlayStation Bundle.

These games span PS4, PS3, and Vita, though the bulk are on PS3. This works like a standard Humble Bundle, with multiple pricing tiers that determine what you get. Spending just $1 gets you four games, while beating the average unlocks all but one. Spending $20 or more gets you the excellent XCOM 2 along with everything else included in this bundle. That makes this a strong deal on its own–XCOM 2 is currently on sale on PSN and costs $24 for Plus members just by itself.

This bundle is available from now until August 29. Unlike what we occasionally see, there’s no indication that more games will be added; what you see now is what you’ll get. You also won’t have the option to pay more later to move up to a higher tier, and you’ll receive only one key to obtain all of your games.

You can see a full rundown of everything that’s included below. The bundle is available here.

Pay $1 or more

Beat the average

Pay $20 or more

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