Tuesday, 14 August 2018
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Microsoft could preview new Windows 10 update, Surface Phone in less than 3 weeks | Tech | Life & Style

Microsoft will unveil the latest update to Windows 10 in less than three weeks’ time.

The Redmond-based company will hold its annual developer conference, Microsoft Build, at the start of next month.

Microsoft typically uses this event to showcase a number of the innovations headed to its Windows 10 operating system.

Build 2018 is primarily a developer conference, and therefore, it’s an opportunity for Microsoft to give the community a heads-up about some of the most dramatic changes in the pipeline. 

For example, last year, Microsoft previewed its Microsoft Fluent Design System – the new design language created to modernise the look of Windows 10.

Microsoft clearly hoped that by offering third-party developers a chance to see the new Microsoft Fluent Design System ahead of launch, more applications would be ready to adopt the design later in the year.

It’s unclear what Microsoft has planned for Build 2018.

However, the Redmond-based company was forced to pull the plug on its latest Windows 10 update earlier this month when a catastrophic glitch was uncovered.

It’s unclear when Microsoft will roll-out a patched version of the update, dubbed Spring Creators Update.

The latter will include software features including Timeline, HDR support, dictation, and further Fluent Design changes.

Microsoft has also started to test its next update – codenamed Redstone 5 inside the company – that will be available to consumers later this year.

Tabbed apps is the headline feature of the new update, however, new details about Redstone 5 will likely be unveiled during the Microsoft Build conference.

Since Build 2018 is primarily a developer conference, it’s rare for the company to take the wraps off new hardware.

However, Microsoft has used Build to preview new hardware in the past, including an in-depth demonstration of its HoloLens headset, back in 2015.

The news came after a Microsoft engineer could have confirmed the existence of the Surface Phone by accident.

The Microsoft Asia Research Institute was discussing Cortana support for Android on Zhihu, which is like the Chinese version of Quora.

The engineer said this was due to a lack of permissions on the Android operating system.

However, they said that they were looking forward to the perfect performance of Cortana on the Surface Phone.

The answer was later edited to “but we do not know there will be a Surface Phone”.

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