Tuesday, 14 August 2018
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LG G7 ThinQ’s speaker is apparently ten times louder than others

LG didn’t give away the whole story in its teaser, but in short, the Boombox Speaker relies on a special resonance chamber design within the phone. The attached image even suggests that the speaker is somehow using the device’s whole body, which should provide a lot more resonance space than conventional smartphone speaker modules. We’ll try to find out more about this intriguing design at the launch, and hopefully the audio sounds as good as it claims to be.

There’s also good news on the headphone side. Like recent LG flagship phones, the G7 ThinQ will also be packing a Hi-Fi Quad DAC to please high-end headphone users. What’s new this time is the addition of DTS:X support — apparently the first for smartphones — which brings 3D surround sound effects at up to 7.1 to the user, even when normal headphones are used.

Obviously, we’ll need to see how good the Boombox Speaker and the DTS:X feature are in real life, but at least on paper, the former will likely become a much-welcomed experience — something that LG’s mobile division desperately needs in order to sell more units.

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