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LawBreakers Creator Cliff Bleszinski Admits His Reputation May Be Hurting The Game

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Even if you’re not that into shooters, you probably know who Cliff Bleszinski (aka Cliffy B) is. Of course, Bleszinski created classics like Unreal Tournament and Gears of War, but he’s also gained a reputation for being very outspoken, often to a fault. His unfiltered approach (which you can be witnessed in all its glory on his Facebook page) has gained him a lot of fans, and quite a few detractors.

Unfortunately, Bleszinski’s latest game, LawBreakers, doesn’t seem to be off to a great start. Despite mostly-positive reviews, the new Overwatch-style hero shooter is hovering around 2,000 players per hour on Steam, which is pretty disappointing for the latest game from the maker of Gears of War. Could Bleszinski’s rep actually be hurting LawBreakers? Eurogamer asked him just that, and he conceded it might be the case…

“Yeah, that’s possible. I admit, I’ve had a very polarizing personality through the majority of the 25 frickin’ years I’ve been doing this. It probably comes from a lack of being popular in school or something – I don’t really know. But what I do and bring to the table also brings a certain amount of weight.

You also have an entire generation of 15-year-old kids who don’t know who I am, nor do they give a s**t – they’re more excited about their favorite Twitch streamer or YouTuber, which we’ve recognized in regards to appealing to that crowd, and building relationships with them, occasionally finding the ones that aren’t fans of us and throwing a bit of money at them to see if they want help get the word out. This business moves fast, and you’re only as good as your last game – even in the 18 months that I took off when I retired after busting my butt for many years making games. You still have to prove yourself from scratch every time. Which is why I now have my first grey hairs.”

Hey, at least Cliffy B is willing to be as honest about himself as he is everything else. Hopefully people will eventually look past his personality and give LawBreakers a try – good games deserve to stand on their own.

LawBreakers is currently available on PC and PS4.

[via Eurogamer]

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