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Important Fortnite news to be announced at The Game Awards 2018 – FortniteINTEL



Geoff Keighley has announced during a Q&A livestream that Epic Games will be attending The Game Awards 2018 not only for their nominations, but to reveal some important Fortnite News.

Geoff Keighley is the Producer and Creator of The Game Awards – in a discussion regarding Fortnite during a Q&A livestream, he revealed that Epic Games has big plans for the show.

Not only are they attending for their multiple award nominations, they plan to reveal some “important” news.

Fortnite actually got announced by CliffyB at the VGAs 2011, very different game but yeah it was announced back then and we’re excited that they will be a part of the show – we definitely have some Fortnite news, Donald Mustard will be here, they are a nominee aswell so stay tuned for that.

When asked to confirm that this is a new announcement, he did so.

Yes, there will be Fortnite news at The Game Awards – I don’t think we’ve publicly said that yet but uh – yeah there will be stuff around Fortnite.

The Game Awards takes place on December 6th, 2018. This is also the day in which Fortnite Season 6 ends. It is not yet confirmed what type of announcement will be made at the show.

Teasers for Season 7 are expected to begin any time now, it’s possible that The Game Awards will reveal the Season 7 announcement trailer.

Stay tuned for more information. What are you hoping to see at The Game Awards? Do you expect Epic Games to win in any of their 4 nominated categories?


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