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How many Pokemon have been in Pokemon GO so far? (Hardcore Total Count)

Pokemon GO added Mewtwo to its ranks this week along with Shiny Pikachu last week – so it’s time to do a headcount. Today we’re taking a look at what Pokemon are in the game so far – each and every single possible variation that’ve been available thus far. This includes Shinies, Male and Female iterations, Legendary Pokemon, and the all-important Special Edition Hat-wearing Pikachu.

Basic Total (very basic)

Our initial count begins with the first 150 (and the original secret Pokemon, Mew, for 151). That’s Gen 1, and since Mew is the only Pokemon from Gen 1 that’s not appeared in the game able to be captured, we take Mew out to go back to 150. We also take out the Pokemon not yet available from Gen 2, which starts with 100 and hits Pokemon GO (as of this week) with 93.

Gen 1: 151 – Mew = 150
Gen 2: 100 – 5 Legendary – Delibird – Smeargle = 93.
150 + 93 = 243 Basic Total

Note: Gen 1’s 3 Legendary Birds are available, as is Mewtwo, so Mew is all that’s left from the first batch of 151. Gen 2’s Lugia is available, which means only Ho-Oh, Celebi, Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Delibird, and Smeargle are not yet available. That makes 100 – 7 = 93 + 150 = 243 total so far – and we’re not taking out the region-specific Pokemon, we’re going hardcore.

Pokemon Gender or The Lack Thereof

But we’ve got to catch one each of every Pokemon that has a male and female version. That’s a lot more. First, we’ll rack up the Pokemon that only have male, female, or undefined gender. I’m using the term gender instead of sex here because “gender” is the term The Pokemon Company uses in all Pokemon games.

Pokemon in Pokemon GO with no gender or one gender:
1. Lugia
2. Blissey
3. Miltank
4. Smoochum
5. Hitmontop
6. Tyrogue
7. Porygon2
8. Unown *
9. Mewtwo
10. Moltres
11. Zapdos
12. Articuno
13. Porygon
14. Ditto
15. Starmie
16. Staryu
17. Kangaskhan
18. Chansey
19. Hitmonchan
20. Hitmonlee
21. Electrode
22. Voltorb
23. Magneton
24. Magnemite
25. Nidoking
26. Nidorino
27. Nidoran (Male)
28. Nidoqueen
29. Nidorina
30. Nidoran (Female)

243 (total so far) – 30 (one or no gender) = 213 Pokemon have male and female versions
213 * 2 = 426 individual iterations
426 + 30 (adding back in the one-kind monsters) = 456 total with genders

The Unknown Unown

* Unown in full effect. It’s easy to overlook the potential number of Unown in the game because Unown are so extremely rare in the first place. There’s a total of 26 Unown in the game so far, one for each letter of the alphabet – with more to come in the future. LUCKY for us, Unown are also unknown gender – or otherwise undefined.

456 + 25 (since we counted one already) = 481 with Unown included

Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon also add an extra, separate entry in the Pokedex – for each gender. So Instead of Magikarp having one male, one female entry, it has two female, and two male entries. The same goes for Gyarados, Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu. BUT – if you have a shiny Pokemon of one type, then evolve it, the first entry remains as having “caught” it – which means a shiny Pichu could fill up your whole male or female set of shiny entries.

We’ll have to add each of these extra spots in the Pokedex as their own individual entry – just keep that trick in mind. As of this article’s publish time, we’ve got Magikarp, Gyarados, Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu shinies, so we add 10 (one shiny for each gender, 5 * 2 is 10).

5 * 2 = 10
481 + 10 = 491 with Shiny iterations included

Special Mention: Mr. Mime

MR MIME NOTE: Mr. Mime has both a male and a female version, so it’s not on the list above for one-or-none-gender Pokemon. I don’t know why. Nobody knows why Mr. Mime is any certain way or not – it is a Mr. Mime situation, and we leave well enough alone.

But if you want to talk about it, let’s do so – just a tiny bit. Mr. Mime is unique in being the only Pokemon that seems to have a gender identifier (Mr) but still has two separate genders in the wild. There is a female-designated Mr. Mime in Pokemon GO. It’s also true that Mr. Mime is not one of the few Pokemon whose Male and Female versions look different in any way – all Mr. Mime look identical, no matter what.

Super Special Hats

We could also leave well enough alone when it comes to that total number at 491. But don’t forget the Pikachu with Hats. The reason I’ve left this until last is the fact that Special Hat versions of Pikachu are not reflected in the official in-game Pokedex at this very moment.

IF we wanted to count the Special Hat Pikachu available so far, we’d have male and female versions of each of the hats. Except the Santa hat, which was an oddity because it came before Pikachu was split into two genders, and ALSO before they started adding hats to Egg-Hatch-Only Baby Pokemon Pichu. So the Santa hat Pikachu is one, and Santa hat Raichu is another one, making it +2.

Birthday Hat Pikachu also did not include Pichu, but did include genders, so we have male and female Pikachu and Raichu, which is +4. Ash Hat Pikachu has Pichu, Raichu, and genders too – which means we have +6.

491 + 12 (Special Hat Pikachu, Raichu, Pichu) = 503 HARDCORE Total

The Final Grand Total

That’s a mind-boggling 503 different Pokemon available thus far in Pokemon GO. Those trainers that have even a fraction of that should be proud – but those that are completists, oh lord. May whatever god you believe in have mercy on your soul.

As far as we’ve been able to figure, this is the total number of unique iterations of Pokemon that’ve been available in Pokemon GO so far. If we include Pokemon CP levels, percentages of perfect, and unique names the user can change, we’ve got a much larger number. But for now, this is where we’re comfortable stopping!

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