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Here are the 10 tech gadgets you should buy this holiday season, according to Oprah



Oprah Winfrey

It’s almost time to start shopping for holiday tech gifts, but don’t worry — Oprah has you covered.

The mogul released her annual list of “favorite things” on Wednesday, and it includes a bevy of very giftable items, from clothes to cook wear to gifts for you pet — and even tech gadgets.

Oprah’s list includes a few flagship products that were released in 2018, like the iPhone XR and the Apple Watch Series 4. But it also includes a few items you may not have otherwise come across, like a panic button that attaches to your smartphone.

Here are the 10 tech gadgets Oprah recommends for 2018: 

10. Katana Safety Arc


The Katana Safety Arc is a personal alarm system that attaches to your smartphone. It comes equipped with two alarms: one is an audible siren, and the other is a silent alert button. The alerts will then bypass your lock screen and contact Katana’s subscription service, which will in turn alert the police or your emergency contacts. 

The device costs $100, comes in 10 colors, and is available on Amazon.

9. Ricoh Theta SC 360 camera


Ricoh’s Theta camera takes 360-degree photos and videos, works with both Android and iOS devices, and has an optional weatherproof case for shooting outdoors.

Oprah recommends trying it in “stadiums, gymnasiums, or any other vast space” to get the full effect. 

The camera costs $179.95 right now and is available on Amazon. 

8. Lumos smart bike helmet


The Lumos smart bike helmet is intended to make bikers more visible on the road. It’s outfitted with LED lights: 10 on the front, 38 on the back, and 11 for both turn signals. Plus, it comes with a remote for your handlebars that lets you safely turn on your turn signal.  

Lumos says the battery will last about six hours on flashing mode and three hours on solid mode. 

The helmet costs $179 and is available on Amazon.

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