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Hellish ‘RollerCoaster Tycoon’ Ride Lasts 12 Real-World Years – Comicbook.com


(Photo: Frontier Developments)

Let’s admit it, we all spent a ludicrous amount of hours trying to kill our patrons in RollerCoaster Tycoon. No matter how many hours I spent meticulously crafting and running the best amusement park I could, it always ended with it all going to hell and me trying to elaborately dispose of my customers who refused to throw-up in the trash cans.

That was just the life of a RollerCoaster Tycoon player back in 1999.

That said, there’s callousness born out of boredom and then there’s pure evil. And apparently, there are some pure evil RollerCoaster Tycoon players still out there.

As you may know, in the game, you can build some crazy and unsound rollercoasters. But none probably ever compared to the ride called “12 Years of Suffering” created by one player that has parkgoers stuck on the same ride for just 12 straight years. More specifically, 12 straight years of real-world time, not in-game time.

Built by OpenRCT2 by Marcel Vos, a YouTube channel that features all types of zany experiments within the game, the ride actually is two separate coasters that come together. There’s a massive coaster that takes up almost all of the park. This one only has single carts that go around 20 times. The other is a tiny track that features 30 carts.

Here’s the diabolical creation in action:

As you can see, the two tracks are synchronised so that each cart on the smaller track only goes once all 20 circuits on the big track are complete. And this has to be done 30 times. And only once the last cart is done can cart number one, or any other cart, get off. Pretty inventive and impressive, right?

Of course, the Internet being the Internet, in the comment section of the video is a plethora of ideas on how to make the ride last longer. Sorry patrons of RollerCoaster Tycoon, the pain and torture is just getting started.

RollerCoaster Tycoon is available on PC. Widely considered one of the best and most influential simulation games of all-time, the RollerCoaster Tycoon series still lives on to this day, but it’s this 1999’s title many of us probably have the most nostalgic for.

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