Thursday, 16 August 2018
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Hank Hill Makes a Surprisingly Good Fit For ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’

Hank Hill

Over the past few days, we’ve posted some killer Kingdom Hearts III coverage that has truly made us excited for the game, whether it was a closer look at the Toy Story world or the debut of Wreck-It Ralph as a summon. (That last one seems kind of timely with his sequel hitting theaters later this year.) But a fan has managed to draw up an unlikely hero that we didn’t think we needed until now.

A Twitter user by the name of Zoro Fab has put together a terrific design of Hank Hill from the King of the Hill series wielding a Keyblade and threatening to knock the Darkness into the middle of next week. And yes, it’s amazing.

“Now I’m not gonna pretend I know what a ‘Kingdom Heart’ or an ‘Organization XIII’ are,” he notes. “But if these Heartless don’t care for propane, then they’re no friend of mine.” You can see the picture from the tweet below so you can add it to your phone background or Instagram collection.

Now there’s no way we’ll likely see Hank Hill end up in the game officially — although Disney does technically own Fox now so there’s always that slight, slight chance of a weird crossover. But this is pretty imaginative to say the least and has us wondering what a King of the Hill version of the game would be like. Would Bobby be king? What parts would Hank’s buddies play? And could we make Beavis and Butthead summons? (They’re both Mike Judge properties, see…)

Wishful thinking to say the least. But “boy, I’ll tell you what” — it’d be hilarious to see. And on top of that, another Twitter user actually dubbed the drawing with a voiceover on YouTube which you can see below.

Speaking of seeing things, we should get a closer glimpse at what’s really happening with Kingdom Hearts III very soon. Between Square Enix’s forthcoming E3 presentation and word that we’re getting a release date very soon, things are about to pick up immensely for this long awaited game.

Kingdom Hearts III will release sometime this year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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