Tuesday, 14 August 2018
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Gboard beta for Android lets you create your own GIFs

If you want to try the new feature at home, you’ll need the latest Gboard beta. Then, you simply open the GIF interface in Gboard on your supported phone, tap on the “My GIFs” tab and make a quick animation using the camera. You can add some funky filters to your moving picture, as well, and save it in the My GIFs tab. Whether or not you’ll see the feature right away seems to depend on which model you’re rocking; Android Police has seen it show up on a Pixel, but not a Galaxy S9 (we used a Pixel 2 in our testing). It’s likely the feature will work on many other handsets when it rolls out of beta.

The updated app also includes new stickers, which includes an Allo-like gallery and the old-style blobmoji for those of you who miss the adorable little gumdrops.

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